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Grand Opening of class Art Gallery!

Thank you for helping with a successful homework project!

Hello all,

Welcome back after our short but refreshing break! I  want to invite you to come into our classroom any afternoon over the next week and have a look at the amazing array of photographs that the children have taken over the holidays, all inspired by our topic: a history of British coal mining.

Please do come and take a look at what you and your children have put the team effort into creating - it really is a testament to how much they have gotten stuck into this topic, and how much you have encouraged their learning too. Whether they set the scene in their own living rooms, trawled the streets of Keyworth to find the perfect spot, or even took a trip to Wales to visit a real coal mine-turned-museum, they have all put their own spin on The Pitmen Painters' original artworks and it is a pleasure to display. Later this week, we will use our British Values to make democratic votes on the "most creative/abstract recreation", "most effort put into project", and "most accurate recreation". However, we had a fab talk this afternoon, discussing the merits of all the photographs, and the children gave each other positive and constructive feedback.

After next Wednesday, I will keep a smaller selection of the same display at the back of the room, incase you can't make it this week, but for now, you are invited free of charge to our gallery!

Many thanks for your support,

Miss Rodriguez