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Introducing our new class pets

Today, the children (and Pip!) welcomed two little friends to our classroom! We decided to adopt our new guinea pigs from a local rescue, known as 'Avalon Guinea Pig Rescue', to support the charity and provide our furry friends with a happy life. We look forward to helping them settle in, and naming them with the children in the next few days.

We understand having animals in our school provides the children with many enriching experiences. The guinea pigs support learning, linking to various areas of the curriculum. This includes Science / Understanding of the World (The children have demonstrated a strong knowledge of the needs of animals, in order to look after them effectively.) and Personal, Social and Emotional development (The children interact with them gently, showing care and compassion. The guinea pigs also support the children emotionally, allowing them to feel more comfortable and relaxed in the welcoming environment).

We wanted to say a huge thank you to you: Puffin Class Grown Ups! Your continued support with taking care of the guinea pigs through the weekends and holidays is very much appreciated.

Miss Holder, Mrs Mellor and Mrs Payne x