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People who help us

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This half term our engaging topic has been 'People Who Help Us'. Through this topic, we have:

- Been detectives to investigate a crime scene in our classroom! Using magnifying glasses we searched for clues like footprints, we wore our police hats, and we drove around in our police car bikes. 

- Visited the Puffin Opticians, where we got some new glasses.

- Drawn portraits of who we'd like to be when we grow up. There were some fabulous ideas, such as being a daddy, a teacher in our reception class, an artist, a vet to look after animals, and a train driver!

- Treated patients in the Puffin Class Hospital, using stethoscopes and bandages. The children practiced their writing to write prescriptions, and loved dressing up in the doctors uniforms.

- Made our own police badges.

- Learnt all about George Stephenson, the famous engineer who built the first locomotive a long, long time ago.

- Caught the train to go on a journey. Our train was made collaboratively by the children, they showed lots of creativity and team working skills!



Well done Puffins for a super start to the spring term. We hope you all have a lovely break this February half term, and we look forward to seeing you again soon! Please find in your children's book bags some phonics books/sheets that will have been sent out this week, so that the children will be able to wow you with their reading over the holiday.


Miss Holder, Mrs Mellor and Mrs Payne x