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Homework: 10/06/24


Here is your weekly homework post!

*Your 'special homework' for the week will be in homework books on Tuesday and is linked to maths (arithmetic questions). There is some space for the children to draw jottings if they need to do so to help find the answer.

*Spelling activity this week is linked to week 2 - the prefix /un/: unhappy, unzip, undo, unload, unfair, unlock, unwrap, untidy, unwell and unkind.

*Please listen to your child read at least 3 times a week. Please ensure you return old books on either Monday or Thursday and we will make sure children have 2 new books on those days.

*Try to stay in the green zone on doodle by completing your '5 a day' and your assignments. Well done for lots of hard work over the holidays, Starlings! You've earned so many stars and we have lots of children with really long streaks, too!

Mrs Jones