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Homework Post WB: 19.02.24


I hope you are all having a wonderful half term. A few more days to enjoy over the weekend. I'm looking forward to seeing you all and catching up with your news next week while we've all been away. We have another fun and busy half term to look forward to; let's hope we have a lovely spring term 2 now with some warmer days! To name just a few things coming up this half term, we have: Book fair coming next week (Thursday 22nd), Book Week which includes library visits and a dress up day for World Book Day, Science Week, Time Travelling to Keyworth Church and parents evening right at the end of the half-term. Please check the 'Overview Blog' for all of the details of these events plus curriculum details.

*Your 'special homework' this week relates to maths and playing some new games on doodle. Well done to everyone who logs in regularly and stays in that green zone. Short blasts at maths really helps with fast recall and fluency!

*Spelling activity this week is linked to week 1: the sound /k/ spelt with just a /k/ and no /c/ before. Our 10 words are: Kent, sketch, kit, skin, frisky, skill, risky, kettle, kilt, king. These can be found on SpellingShed linked to games (set from Mondays) and an activity will also come home with you on Tuesday via the homework books.

*Please listen to your child read at least 3 time a week. New books will come home with you on Monday and Thursday.  Please send in any books to be returned on Mondays and Thursdays as well so that we can re-stock our shelves (thank you!). We have also asked the children not to carry water bottles in book bags as we have had a few leaking incidents where books have been water logged and unusable.

*Try to stay in the green zone on doodle by completing your '5 a day' and your assignments. Year 1 are often the top doodlers at Crossdale which is incredible.

Mrs Jones