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We had a great time learning about animal offspring in our science lesson today. We recapped some common baby names of animals but we did a lot of sorting, too. The children had to decide if animals looked like their adult or not. After this, we got out our topic books and as you can see, they really enjoyed looking through these with a friend (see picture below). They shared so many facts and were very excited to learn more. Julia Donaldson's book, 'Monkey Puzzle' was enjoyed in story time, too - which made us all laugh!

We also took a trip to visit the eggs - 9 (not 10 as previous blog!) and started to learn about how there are baby chicks inside, developing. We learnt that we needed a male and female to create the chick. We now understand what an incubator does and know that the temperature being 'just right' is important. We hope to have 9 eggs hatch but we know that some might not go on to develop. Fingers crossed!

A great afternoon, all in all!

Mrs Jones