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Sequencing The Events of The Battle of Hastings


Your child will have come home with a crown today with some images which show the events of the Battle of Hastings in 1066 and the events showing how William became King of England. Hopefully they can talk to you about this and share what they know.

*Edward the Confessor died (key vocab - monarch) leaving no heir (key vocab).

*4 people wanted to be King - Edgar soon decided he didn't want to be King though! Leaving 3 contenders.

*Harold vs Harold at The Battle of Stamford Bridge then the Battle of Hastings (Harold vs William):

There were 3 main reasons for William beating Harold:

*His men had armour 

*They were well positioned on a hill and were well organised

*Harold's men were tired after the Battle at Stamford Bridge


PS See pictures below from today - they retold these events brilliantly!