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Starlings Science Week

What a super science week Starlings have had. We have predicted, tested, described and explained! We have talked about the changes of Spring, planted beans and sunflower seeds. We have dissected flowers, looked closely at all the parts of the plant and tried to make perfume using rose petals. The Starlings loved the 'dancing raisins'. They were fascinated  when the raisins were put into the lemonade, and they could see them 'dancing' in the bubbles. We have also made rainbows using skittles! The catapult making was a tricky task but we were great team workers and loved the challenge. We had three Year 6's to come and work with us and they were fabulous at supporting and encouraging all the children - thank you, Blake, Dylan and Emma!

There have been lots of visitors in school this week sharing lots of scientific information. Thank you to Dr Depledge for coming and talking to Base One about her role as a doctor.

I hope you enjoy looking at some of the photos from this week.