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Learning Mat 22/6/20

Hi all! I hope that you have all had a great week and are looking forward to the weekend. We have had a few wet playtimes due to the rain but we are hoping that the sun will be shining again for us next week. Did you all see the lightning this week and hear the thunder? There was some very heavy rain too! Here is the learning mat for next week's home learning. It contains all the information about the activities that I have set for you this time. Please do continue to email me in all of the wonderful work that you have been doing at home. It has also been lovely chatting on the phone with those of you that I have spoken to this week and hearing about all the wonderful things that you have been getting up to.

This week, we have also included a video with the learning mat! Mrs Westie caught me by surprise on Mr McKenna's computer - he has a wireless mouse! The video is just below.





Have a great weekend and looking forward to seeing you all again soon!