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Writing Project - Pie Corbett

Writing Task for the next two weeks

For your writing task this week I would like to share with you an activity that has come from Pie Corbett, a trainer, writer, author and poet who created the Talk for Writing approach to learning which we use in school. These activities are well-structured and reflect the different components of English lessons that we would teach during the week at school. The packs are designed to last for two weeks, so this can form your English / writing activities for the fortnight. 

To access the documents please click on the link below:

You can work through the activities at the pace which you prefer, but I have recorded below the content I would teach each day in school:

Week 1

Session 1: Sparky Start to warm up and then read Our Story and the What do You Think questions

Session 2: Words, Words, Words!

Session 3: Read and Understand. I would read the text again here too.

Session 4: Spellings 

Session 5: the Grammaractivities (both pages)

Week 2

Session 6: Boxing Up

Session 7: Innovation Ideas / Shaking Hands with the Model

Sesion 8: Plan your Story

Session 9 and 10: Write your story. I would include some time here too for proofreading and checking after you have finished writing it. 

The activities are designed to be flexible so if your child is really excited about some bits of it more than others, then you can be guided by their interests.

As always, do email over any questions or queries, and I have really enjoyed seeing your work so do keep emailing that to me!