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Writing Task for Next Week

Writing task 20/4/20

Hi all, I hope that you have had a great Easter break. As we would have been returning to school tomorrow, I have set you a new writing task for the week.

This week's task comes from a website called the Literacy Shed, which is a collection of different images and clips that can be used to inspire and develop children's writing. I have been using some of the clips with the children in school and we have also made some interesting artwork based on the stories as well.

The link here is to a short story about a little boy who goes on a series of adventures with his grandpa:  It is a good context for story writing because there are a number of different elements in it - the mysterious cart, the way in which the little boy thinks initially that his day won't be very exciting, and of course the rich and varied descriptions that can be written about the different settings that the pair visit. Your writing should be based on the clip but it can be about anything related to it. For example, you could re-tell the events in the clip. You could create your own version and write about the adventures the grandpa used to have with the little boy's dad. Alternatively, you could write about how the cart got its magical powers. Try several different angles. On the webpage link itself there are also a number of different teaching ideas and prompts for you to explore as a starting point to the writing, and do feel free to come up with your own too. I hope it is useful - email me if you have any questions.

As ever, do email me over any pieces of writing that you do as I enjoy seeing your wonderful work.

Take care, stay safe and hope to be seeing you again soon :)