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Happy Easter Holidays!

Hi all, as today would have been the first day of our Easter break, I think I can now wish you all a happy Easter. I hope that, despite the current circumstances, you all have a wonderful Easter and enjoy some family time. 

As we were not in school together last week, I was sadly unable to do the Easter-themed activities that I usually do with the children. However, I have attached details of some of these here in case you fancy trying them out at home. I will be doing some further Easter activities with the children in school with me this week, so I will blog some of those throughout the week to keep you updated. Missing you all!!

Here are two Easter-themed maths and English activities for you to do:

1. Writing task for Easter: have a go at creating your own news story about a mischievous Easter Bunny, using the newspaper article attached (Furry Fiend Foiled) as a starting point. The text should hopefully open up on your tablet / screen to read it. The children should read this through first before they start writing their own article. There are some complex and challenging words in the text to talk about with your child. I have also attached the planning sheets that we would have used in class (two levels of challenge included) so that you can see the types of questions I would ask the children to help them plan their ideas. 

2. Maths-themed Easter egg hunt. I have attached all the resources and a quick instruction guide for what I was planning to do to this post. Hope it is useful. 

As ever, if you have any questions at all or if there's anything I can do to help then just email me.

Wishing you all a safe and happy Easter!