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Year 4 Monday / Tuesday

What we have been getting up to so far this week!

Hi all, I am going to blog daily / every two days to let you know what we have been getting up to in class so that those who are staying safe at home can still see what their friends have been up to. Yesterday we began to go a bit deeper into some of our characters from the book that we are reading at the moment - the Worst Witch. We explored (with some amazing acting!) how these characters would react to different situations (such as Tabby eating a page of Ethel's prized spellbook) and investigated how the author brings characters to life through description of their actions, body movements, dialogue and facial expressions.

In maths we finished off our perimeter topic by finding the perimeter of composite rectilinear shapes (for example an L-shaped rectilinear shape) and in science we explored how the particles behave in a solid, liquid and gas. We used the parachute and some tennis balls to re-create the movement of particles in the different states of matter. 

Today, we had our French lesson with Miss Jackson (looking at the planets), PE with Mr Sanders and in maths we worked on our times tables. We also had our mixed strings lesson with Mrs Price, where we played one of our old favourites, Tap Dancer. 

Stay safe and well all.