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Doodles and Eggs! - edited

Reading Eggs and Doodlemaths Xtables Homework!

Edit: children should spend 20 minutes on Reading Eggs every week, apologies for the previous error of ten minutes!

Thank you to those who completed the doodle maths x tables challenge over the holidays!  A few of the children have said they have had trouble logging on.  When we looked at this today, they seemed to be forgetting the 'cdps' for their username so hopefully this will solve most of those problems.  They also need to download a seperate, free app, with the x tables logo on it.  I've reprinted the passwords so please let me know if there is still a problem and I will pass them on.

I also wanted to thank you for your help testing the Reading Eggs programme.  We have now gone ahead and bought the subcription for the whole school.  We looked at setting specific homework tasks but as a school have decided that along with reading daily at home, the children should just spend at least ten minutes on reading eggs (games and lessons) per week.  Teachers will check in with the children every Friday to keep track of usage for both doodle maths x tables and Reading Eggs.

For now, the children can continute with the reading journals if they should wish but this is not essential.  They should also continute with their weekly spellings and MyMaths homework.

As always, please shout up if you have any questions and thanks again!