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Just to make you aware, I plan to create weekly homework posts to enhance communication and work-related expectations as well as any key updates, reminders and any general messages for the week.

Thank you for the continued support this half-term in ensuring your child completes their weekly homework tasks  - key reminder: please make sure your child uses the rest of the handwriting lines when practising their spellings as opposed to writing out the word once or twice. This way, the children are able to instil great handwriting skills as well as uphold spelling practice by repeating writing the word multiple times.

*As always, there are the usual spelling and mathematics task to complete over the holidays. You'll begin to see that I am adding in a spelling shed activity to encourage spelling practice. Keep on completing your additional homework tasks if you have not managed to tick off at least three or four Science activities. Following on from this, feel free to keep a short holiday log in your homework book in order to share with the rest of the class all the fun things you got up to in the half-term holidays. This is not designed to be lengthy or for your child to write a great deal each day. Just a few sentences about key memories and trips out will help to maintain the importance of finger spaces, letter-join handwriting, full stops and capital letters. 

*Spelling activity this week is an extra week as we have completed all of our words for this half-term (I have added words to Spelling Shed so that your child can play games as well). I have used words that I have identified they are spelling incorrectly in their work, so I know these words will be helpful for children to use in their writing.

*Please listen to your child read at least 3 time a week. Please use the phonics links sent to you (if applies) as a way to keep phonics learning fresh and secure.

*Try to stay in the green zone on doodle by completing your '5 a day' and your assignments. Hopefully, this is a quick activity for your child - it really does make such a difference to their maths fluency and helps their maths to become more automatic.

*Please ensure your forest schools kit including wellies are in school on Fridays and that PE kit is in school on Mondays and Fridays. Please feel free to leave kit in school now that we have our lovely, new cloakrooms where we have plenty of storage!

Miss Jackson