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Reminders for this week

It's a busy week this week so I thought it would be useful to do a blog today rather than Monday to help get organised!

*The performance of Cinderella / Rockerfella is on Tuesday afternoon, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings at 6pm. We will ask children to return to school no earlier than 5:45 pm. There isn't a lot to get ready ahead of the show and we will not have staff supervision before 5:45 pm so please do not come to school earlier than this. We hope you enjoy the show! The clocks all looked fantastic during dress rehearsal - again, thank you for your support in getting children in costumes for this!

*Please send a carrier bag in with your child this week. At some point we will start organising books to come home and they have lots of super work to share with you!

*There won't be any more homework now, so please keep the purple books at home. Your children have been wonderful at completing this - thanks again for your support with this. It makes a huge difference.

*Please return any school books you have at home so that we can sort our shelves for the new school year.

*We'd love to treat the children to an ice cream on Wednesday afternoon as an end of year treat. This is a surprise that the don't know about so please don't tell them!Let us know if you have any queries about this but ...shhh!!!