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Dear Parents/Carers,

I'm sure the children have been excited to tell you about the show we will be doing for our summer performance which is of course, Cinderella. I can reveal now that our Owls will be... animals! We will have our "time" to shine on stage and do a little song and dance which you will be able to come and see during the last week of term. 

Please find attached (at the bottom) the list of children and their allocated outfit for the production.

Outfit requirements:

Kittens: Kitten ears (if accessible), grey/white top and bottoms or if not with black trousers/leggings and P.E. shoes

Bears: Bear ears (if accessible), brown/orange top and bottoms or if not with black leggings/trousers and P.E. shoes

Dogs: Doggy ears (if accessible), brown, light brown or black top and bottoms or if not with black leggings/trousers and P.E. shoes

Frogs: Light green/dark green top and bottoms or if not black leggings/trousers with P.E. shoes

If you do not have ear accesssories for any of the above, please do not worry, we shall also have time to create our own for any children who do not already have any.

Please bring your child’s costume into school in a carrier bag with a coat hanger. Please could you bring in the costume by 10th July.  If I could ask you to please label the outside of the bag clearly with your child’s name and name all items inside, I would very much appreciate it! If you have any issues sourcing anything for your child’s costume, then please let me know.

Many thanks,

Miss Jackson