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The children have worked so hard during Spring 1 and so needed a well-deserved rest. We have been loving our Science topic: Animals, including Humans as we have been looking at animal life cycles and different types of animal offspring. We have also been fantastic artists by creating pieces of artwork inspired by Paul Gaugin and Claude Monet. Year 2 love their art lessons as they find them relaxing and enjoy being able to get in touch with their creative side. During our R.E. lessons, we have been exploring Christianity and how Jesus valued friendship and had 12 disciples. We also enjoy our role-play sessions when we act our parts of a story from The Bible and work together in groups to freeze-frame a key scene of a story. Lastly, the children have worked so hard in their English lessons by learning new narrative text maps as a way to really understand the events to a story. We are looking at the story of Ganesh and how he travelled the entire world from reading different books about all of the countries! 

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