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Who was Florence Nightingale?

We hope you all had a wonderful half term break and as we move in to the second half of the spring term, we have so many exciting things to look forward to in Year One!

Next week we have book week with a visiting storyteller on Friday 4th March, we'll be dressing up as animals and telling animal stories on World Book Day (Thursday 3rd), and in between they'll be lots more fun with reading and stories. Please see the Seesaw post for details of the 'extreme reading' photo competition and a reading stars challenge.

We also have science week, beginning on Monday 14th March, which will be full of lots of practical science and fun surrounding our topics.

In the meantime, this week we have launched our new history topic: Who was Florence Nightingale? This is always a great unit to teach, and the children love to learn how much better hospitals have become over the years. For more details of the vocabulary and knowledge we will cover in our lessons, please see the knowledge organiser below.

Also below is our topic homework for this half term - please remember this is for fun (not compulsory) but choosing one of the activities to do is a great way to consolidate learning and continue to motivate children who are inspired by the things they've learnt at school.

We have also attached the spelling overview for the term too, for your reference. Both of these homework items will also be posted on Seesaw. 

Mrs Westie and Mrs Morgan