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Water Play

Hi all, it's been another super week with your wonderful children. This week the children have immersed themselves (literally) in water play. The team work, communication and language and creativity have been in abundance, but apologies if you have received a bag of wet clothes this week.

In maths we have been comparing objects by amounts, size and length using the language more, fewer, big, small, tallest and shortest. In phonics we have introduced the sounds f,e,l,h and r (see Seesaw for videos and practice sheets). In literacy we have been listening, learning and retelling the story 'The Little Red Hen'. Below is a story map incase your child would like to retell you the story at home (in our story their was a cow, dog and mouse that wouldn't help the Little Red Hen).

Thank you so much for all the boxes that have come in this week.  We are planning on making homes for our tray toys next week, so please keep them coming in.

Just on the subject of toys from home, we have had a few toys from home that have managed to sneak their way through the gate in the morning.  Can we ask that no other toys are brought into school please. It tends to cause upset when they can't find them or when other children want to play with them as well as the extra risk of COVID-19 contamination.  We could send tray toys home next Friday if your child would like to bring in a different one next half term.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend.

The Reception team XXX