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Reception Blog - Owl Class

A blog for parents of children in Owl Class - starting reception 2020-21.

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    Published 22/01/21, by Peter Cresswell


    Dear Parents,

    After 3 weeks of  lockdown we are finding that our Reception bubble is one of the largest in school and is close to capacity. We do not want to be in a position where we are unable to safely accommodate all Reception pupils requesting a critical worker place in school. Consequently,  please be mindful of the following before booking a critical worker place in school:

    • ‘Children with at least one parent or carer who is a critical worker can go to school or college if required, but parents and carers should keep their children at home if they can.’ (DfE)
    •  “If you’re a key worker and your partner doesn’t work then you shouldn’t be sending your children to school. That’s clear in the guidance.” Matt Hancock, Health Secretary

    I am not sending this information to make parents feel guilty or to contradict information that employers have sent out – these are challenging times for everyone, but I have a responsibility to share guidance with you and urge parents not send their children to school whilst transmission rates are so high unless it is necessary. For some families I totally accept that it is necessary some days, or every day, each week - we are here to help those families.

    Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions at all.

    Kind regards,

    Mr Cresswell

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    Published 19/12/20, by Sarah Mellor

    Hi all,

    We would like to wish you all a very happy and healthy Christmas.  We have had a wonderful first term with your amazing children.  Thank you for all of your kind words and Christmas wishes.  We have had a fun-filled last couple of days of term.  Below are some photos to give you a glimpse of what we've been up to.

    Take care everyone and see you in the New Year.

    The Reception Team xxx

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    Published 17/12/20, by Sarah Mellor

    Hi all!

    Just a quick reminder that we are having a pyjama day tomorrow as our class treat.  Please bring your child to school wearing their pyjamas.  We will still be going outside for playtime so they will need their coats and shoes as normal. 

    I will leave the children's Welly Wednesday waterproofs by the gate tomorrow morning in case you want to take them home over never know, we may get a snow day!  If you would like to leave them at school. that's fine too.

    Take care.

    The Reception Team

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  • Christmas Jumper Day

    Published 12/12/20, by Sarah Mellor

    Hi all,

    We had an exciting end to the week wearing our Christmas jumpers to school.  Thank you for getting your children to take part and for  the kind donations that will be sent on to the Save the Children charity.

    Although tired, the children have had a good week enjoying many activities around Julia Donaldson's Stick Man storybook. 

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


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  • a few reminders

    Published 09/12/20, by Helen Ingle

    Thank you for starting to send in the dark clothes ready for our Christmas preparations for next week. 

    A few dates coming up...

    Friday 11th December- Christmas Jumper Day 

    Thursday 17th December - Christmas dinner 

    Friday 18th December - Treat day (come in your pj's)

    Many thanks

    The Reception Team

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  • Jam Sandwiches

    Published 27/11/20, by Sarah Mellor

    After reading the story 'Pass the Jam Jim' by Kaye Umansky, the children made their own jam sandwiches  (with just one slice of bread each) to eat after their Welly Wednesday expeditions.  We were so impressed with their sequencing, concentration and fine motor skills during the activity.  We challenged them further to make a triangle or square sandwich.  Perhaps they would like to make a sandwich for you this weekend!

    Thank you for your continued support with practising phonic sheets and reading at home.  The children have been working so hard during their phonic lessons and we're really proud of them all.

    Hope you all have a lovely weekend.

    Take care.

    The Reception team

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  • Vegetables and more!

    Published 21/11/20, by Sarah Mellor

    This week we have continued exploring different vegetables through the story 'Oliver's Vegetables', by Vivian French, and printing with, looking closely at and cutting up different vegetables. We finished the week by creating pizzas with our favourite, healthy toppings.

    In maths we have have investigated the properties of circles and triangles. You could ask your child how they know that a circle is a circle, or that a triangle is a triangle.  Hopefully they will be able to use the words: sides, curved, straight, edges and points in their explanations.

    Scale and Geometric Patterns with Sticks | Creative STAR Learning | I'm a  teacher, get me OUTSIDE here!             5/6J Maths - How to draw the perfect circle! - Friendship & Learning @ Wambi


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  • Can You Eat a Rainbow?

    Published 14/11/20, by Sarah Mellor

    This week we launched our new healthy eating topic by looking at the wonderful colours of different fruit and vegetables. We have been reading the delightful story of friendship and sharing, 'Too Many Carrots' by Katy Hudson, which lead us into making our own carrot pictures, look close up at different  colour carrots, make a carrot and vegetable soup to share and talk about how carrots are grown.

    There's a nice link to the story here:

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  • Reading update

    Published 08/11/20, by Helen Ingle

    Following our half term phonic assessments we have grouped the children according to their needs and will continue with our daily phonics teaching.

    From this week your child will also have a specific reading day. This is where they will have a one to one reading session and swap their colour  books and phonic focus (this may be letter sounds, word time sheets, a Ditty or a book).

    The colour groups and days are as follows

    Monday- Yellow

    Tuesday- Green

    Thursday- Red

    Friday - Blue

    We hope you are all able to access the information that goes onto  Seesaw. Any problems please send a message to the class email.

    Many thanks for your continued support.

    The Owl Team

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  • Welcome Back With a Bang!

    Published 07/11/20, by Sarah Mellor


    Welcome back everyone! It's been great to welcome the children back this week and lovely to see so many smiles in the classroom.   The whole team are pleased that schools remain open in these uncertain times as we know how important it is to the children's development and wellbeing. 

    We've been getting creative making firework displays this week (please see photos below). 

    In literacy we have been listening, learning and retelling the story 'The Three Billy Goats Gruff'. During 'Welly Wednesday' the children went hunting for the Troll! Below is a story map incase your child would like to retell you the story at home. 

    In maths we have been exploring the numbers 1,2 and 3 (representing, comparing and spotting patterns).

    Hope you all have a lovely weekend.

    The Reception team XXX







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  • Water Play

    Published 10/10/20, by Sarah Mellor

    Hi all, it's been another super week with your wonderful children. This week the children have immersed themselves (literally) in water play. The team work, communication and language and creativity have been in abundance, but apologies if you have received a bag of wet clothes this week.

    In maths we have been comparing objects by amounts, size and length using the language more, fewer, big, small, tallest and shortest. In phonics we have introduced the sounds f,e,l,h and r (see Seesaw for videos and practice sheets). In literacy we have been listening, learning and retelling the story 'The Little Red Hen'. Below is a story map incase your child would like to retell you the story at home (in our story their was a cow, dog and mouse that wouldn't help the Little Red Hen).

    Thank you so much for all the boxes that have come in this week.  We are planning on making homes for our tray toys next week, so please keep them coming in.

    Just on the subject of toys from home, we have had a few toys from home that have managed to sneak their way through the gate in the morning.  Can we ask that no other toys are brought into school please. It tends to cause upset when they can't find them or when other children want to play with them as well as the extra risk of COVID-19 contamination.  We could send tray toys home next Friday if your child would like to bring in a different one next half term.

    Hope you all have a lovely weekend.

    The Reception team XXX

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  • Boxes Please!

    Published 02/10/20, by Sarah Mellor

    This week we have introduced our making trolley.  The children have loved getting creative, junk-modelling and coming up with their own inventions.  If you could donate any boxes (nothing too big please), tubes, yoghurt pots, plastic bottles that would normally so that they can continue to be creative, we'd really appreciate it.  We will quarantine items that come in for 72 hours before they are placed on the trolley for the children to use.   Hopefully you will receive lots of creations for your child to talk to you about at home!

    Hope you all have a lovely weekend.

    Thank you for your continued support.

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