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Amazing Apples :)

Apple Class so far this term

Hello all,

Just a little blog post to say that it has been lovely having the children back in Apple class! Since day one I have seen examples of brilliant effort and learning from mistakes - we are true Self managers and Reflective Learners!

Here are a few things that have really stuck out to me that I think our class deserves a big shout out for:

- We have really gotten into the swing with our daily routines, and from the moment we walk into class we know exactly what to do. Each day, we are getting better and better at moving from one lesson to another swiftly, which took some getting used too again!

- We are really looking out for others at playtimes, and during many of our wellbeing sessions, the children enjoy praising others for their successes and thank friends for being there for them.

- We are very successful at following our rainbow rules. Although we sometimes forget to sanitise, a quick reminder from myself or a friend sends us back to the hand gel station! We know how important it is to follow our Rainbow Rules and as a teacher I am really proud that we are keeping each other safe by following these important rules.

- We are SMASHING it with our English topic: Explanation text writing! Today, the children blew me away with how well they used a plan to write 2 paragraphs with so much detail and technical vocabulary. I've never seen so many commas and conjunctions used so effectively!

- When we work with other members of staff, we try our best to show respect and listen to them. We have music lessons (picture included) and PE lessons with other teachers and we use our Crossdale Way to be respectful learners.

Thank you for a fab return to school, Apple Class.

Miss Rodriguez