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Message for return to School 8.3.21

Link to a little video message so that you are ready for our return. :)

Hello all,

Over on Seesaw, I have posted a video announcement sharing information about our return, so that the children can begin to get themselves ready and excited for our return. I'm sharing the link here too for you all as i made the video earlier in the week and want to make sure it doesn't get missed amongst the daily videos.

Link for video on the Apple Seesaw announcements:

Also, here are a few extra points I forgot to mention in the video:
1) Please make sure you are wearing layers, as we are still keeping our windows open at all times for a healthy bit of ventilation to keep us safe. It is still a little chilly at times, so it's best for you to always be prepared!

2) Please bring your wellies to school if they are not already here. We may decide to go on the field or take part in a mini forest schools activity - you never know!

3) Please do not bring in any stationery from home - it is not required because we have prepared your packs once again with everything you need for your lessons. It helps us stay rainbow-rules safe if we transport to and from school as few items as possible, so we have provided you with all the stationery you will need.

I am ready and waiting for our reunion, and I personally cannot wait to see the children shine back in their classroom learning environment. They have done such a wonderful job from home, and it is my pleasure to spend these first few weeks re-integrating my bunch of Apples back into their shared learning space.

Have a lovely weekend,

See you on Monday :)

Miss Rodriguez