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Happy Half Term, Apple Class!

Hello Year Three!

The blog today is a little bit different because there isn't going to be a learning mat or project for the coming week.  We know that you have all been working really hard and wanted to take this chance to make sure that you can enjoy the sunshine and a little rest next week!

There will be a new learning mat available towards the end of next week to help you get organised for the week beginning 1st June. 

This week I have baked chocolate brownies that turned out to be not very nice!  I also had a go at making oat cookies, blending some of the oats to make flour - they were yummy!  Luna is still very much enjoying the garden table!  She sits on it, lies on it and even takes her bone to chew on it!  She has also stolen the yoga mat that I took outside and has adopted it as her outdoor bed - the cheeky monkey!  

Missing you all lots and please do remember that whilst there is no learning mat, you can still send an email if you need anything.

Take care and keep being amazing, little apples!

Miss J