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Learning MAt - 04.05.20


I hope you are all well and are keeping those faces smiling!  I know I say every blog post that I'm missing you all but this week I have missed you all more than ever!  I have loved seeing all of the pictures and work you have emailed and this always helps to put a smile on my face!  Luna has been a little monkey again this week and has decided that she wants to sleep across the entire sofa, leaving me with the floor!  We haven't managed to learn any new tricks this week but she does love her new tug toy!

Please find attached our new Home Learning Mat - I'll blog a new mat each week to help keep you updated with projects that have been blogged, direct you to resources available and also suggest a few other fun/community based activities for you.

I hope you find it useful and, as always, if you have any questions or work to share please contact me at I love hearing from you all!

Miss you as always

Miss J