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Writing Task 27.04.20 and OTHER

Hello Year Three!

Thank you for all of the lovely emails you have sent this week - it is so lovely to see you and look at the work you have been doing, it really makes me smile!

This week please click the link below for your writing task.  We do lots of Pie Corbett's ideas at school already so I know you'll enjoy this task! 

Remember you can email me your work on


Grow ups,

Some of you may be aware that recently the government released an online academy.  The link below takes you to this website.  Mrs Jones has been using this and she is really excited about it.  The lessons are sequenced and year group appropriate and have video teaching to match. There is a link to English, Maths and Foundation subjects with five lessons on each per week - the lessons for next week are not yet attached.

I know lots of you are juggling work and home schooling so please know that this is just another tool for you to use to hopefully help engage the children in their learning.  The timetable in the pack that you had originally was a suggestion but as resources are released then you might want to adapt and change this timetable.  For example, instead of reading together, you might use the online academy or instead of Reading Eggs etc...  

I hope that all makes sense and always, please email me with ANYTHING!! 

Take care and thank you for all of you support

Miss you all

Miss J

P.S Luna pictures of the week