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Hello Year Three!

I have been missing you all more than ever this week!  There are lots of things that remind me of you all to make me smile though and when I heard our tidy up song on the radio I sang and danced along!  Can you remember which song it is?  Maybe you could share it with your grown ups and have a dance along with it the next time you are tiding up! ;)

Luna and I have still been really enjoying the sunshine and we even made an obstacle course in the garden.  She is very good at going under chairs, weaving between them and jumping on them - my next target is to get her to jump over things!

I am still reading the Harry Potter books but Luna got hold of my copy of The Chamber of Secrets and chewed all the pages - the little monkey!

I have really enjoyed looking at the work that you have emailed me too and the pictures that you have shared about all of the amazing things you have been up to.  I have shared your new project with you this morning - art!  It is so very exciting and I can't wait to see what you produce.  

Keep working hard - remember that Mrs Westie blogged on the Year Three page about what we would like for you to be completing each day where possible.  I will be having a look at apps today now that the Easter holidays are over.

Missing you more and more each day!

Miss J