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Writing Task 13.04.20

Here is next week's writing task.

Over the weekend, I coloured a page from 'Enchanted Forest' and as I was colouring I couldn't help but start thinking about all the exciting things that might happen in a place like this so next week I would like for you to write the story of...

'How the Toadstools lost their colour.'

An outline for a plan...

Opening - a detailed setting description to really paint a picture of the drawing... moving on to a character descriptions.  Who is the main character that lives there?  What do they look like?  What is their personality like?  What other unique details do we know about them?

Build up and problem - how are you going to lead the story forward on to the problem - how the toadstools lost their colour?

Resolution - How is the problem fixed?

Ending - how do they all feel at the end? What next?

You might have a completely different idea, and that's absolutely fab - these are just some ideas of where you might want to take your story.  

Let me know how you all get on - I would love to read some of your stories!

Missing you all, as always

Miss J