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Reading Records

Today the children have all been given their reading records!  We have made an entry together so they know how they should be filled in - but they may still need a few reminders to look at the headings!

I've explained to the children that they should:

Take their reading record (and book band book) home everyday and bring it back to school in the morning as we use them every day.

Write in their diaries themselves but adults can help with the comments section. (The comments should include what they have enjoyed, or didn't enjoy, their favourite part or character, an interesting fact or how they have read.)

Write in their journals at least five times a week.

Read to as many different people and things as they can - the dog will do!

Hand in their journals every Thursday to be ticked.

There are lots of instructions that go with the record but as long as the children have them at school and home and fill them out whenever they read, the rest will fall into place - fingers crossed!

If you have any questions then please catch me at the end of the day!

Miss J