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School Lottery!

At the current time, the PTA can't run many of the activities we usually do and so the financial support we are able to offer to the school is at risk.  We have been thinking about ways in which we can still raise money to support the children of Crossdale and the School Lottery is one of the ideas we have come up with!

The school lottery offers us a fantastic way to bring Parents, Carers, Teachers and the wider community together, in partnership with our school, and at the same time giving something back. We hope to raise funds that can support and enrich the education of our children - we aim to provide extra resources for the children, improve the school environment as well as run extracurricular activities such as music, art and sport.

In past years we've contributed to school trips, playground improvements and classroom equipment, new reading books, football goals, french and music lessons to name but a few!

We hope that you will consider supporting us through the school lottery.  More information can be found by opening the attachment below, or by clicking here.

Your support is greatly appreciated and we wish you good luck!