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Hello lovely people,

We hope you are all well and finding lots of exciting things to do at home this week. We though it would be fun to challenge you to have a go at knitting, crochet or embroidery. I have been embroidering bags for special people during lockdown and it has really helped me to switch off and stay calm.  I remember my granddad used to unwind by knitting us all socks! Ask an adult  if you have any scraps of material lying around the house, maybe even contact  a grandparent or relative to ask if they have any advise or suggestions. 

We have also attached a list of positive affirmations. If you are feeling down or fed up it's a good idea to remind yourself how brilliant you are. Think of  a positive statement about yourself and say it out loud... "I am kind" "I am gentle" "I am caring" etc. Think about positive statements you can say to someone else in your house as well, it will make them feel much happier too.

Miss Rodriguez and I know you are all amazing!

Sending virtual hugs, Take care

Miss Rodriguez and Mrs Neale