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Day Four

Team work makes dream work!

Today, we ramped up our yoga skills to the next level by completing our exercises in unison. Our Yoga teacher told us that pairs yoga encourages and promotes empathy and emotional intelligence. We felt really proud when were able to form yogic positions that we wouldn’t have been able to do without the support of a partner.

Later on, we also discovered the calming effects of mindfulness colouring and drawing with mandalas. We then went on to use the mandalas we each created to help us focus whilst meditating.

This evening, we took a look at Barcelona from a different perspective – the top of Mount Tibidabo! It reminded us of the mountain pose we practiced with Federica. For this reason, we are challenging you to have a go at it yourself! Please see today’s banner challenge.

Whilst travelling through the city over the last few days, we have noticed several differences but also similarities between Spanish and British life. We have really practiced our British value of diversity, and the non-Spanish speaking members of staff have also been practicing their Vipers skill of inference, as they on many occasions have been able to infer what items have been by comparing and contrasting with their own experiences.

Extra challenge for today: spot the differences and similarities of the everyday items in some of the photos!

¡Hasta mañana!

The Crossdale-Erasmus Team