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Day Three

Today we had a very mindful day...

In class today, we learned about the power of mantras, and how easily they can be incorporated into our working day. We often talk about taking steady breaths to calm down, but Frederica (our teacher) enlightened us to the fact this this has been used for centuries in Asian culture as a way to focus the mind on breathing and relaxation. We hope you enjoy the clip linked, showing us chanting the ancient mantra:

"Ong namo guru-dev namo"

Additionally, we were also informed of the benefits of Mindfulness techniques currently in use in US schools, to develop pupils' emotional intelligence. We are looking forward to sharing these techniques with pupils, parents and staff alike. 

Today's mindful challenge: Happy Hum!  Please click on the icon above. Give it a go and reflect on how you it made you feel!

Continuing our cultural experience, we are excited to share more photos with you of our evenings in Barcelona! As we mentioned in yesterday's post, we did go on a walking tour of Barcelona's buildings of historical interest, but as you can see, we got a taste of the lovely English weather you are all enjoying back home. Today, however, the Barcelona sun came back out, and we made the most of this, by visiting some of the city's most famous landmarks. La Rambla, Placa Espanya, Placa Catalunya and The Olympic City district were just some of the lovely sights we saw.

Hoping you enjoy our update; we miss you alot!
The Crossdale-Erasmus team