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Day Two!

Today has been another wonderful day of mindful learning so far. We have explored different emotions and how these affect our bodies and the children's. We have learnt all about socio-emotional learning and the ways in which a good knowledge of this can improve children's wellbeing and their relationships with others.

We have included a selection of images from the last two days of some of the cultural highlights that we have explored, including visiting a Peruvian restaurant to sample the cuisine from a country even further away than Spain. There aren't any Peruvian restaurants in Nottingham that we are aware of - please let us know if you have come across any. 

One particularly exciting experience was the acro-yoga that we had the opportunity to watch - you can see it in a photo further down. The practitioners had some incredible skill and they have really inspired us to practise this at home too.

Last night we put our British Values of mutual respect and tolerance and diversity into practice by observing (and then participating in) the local celebration of Pentecost that was taking place in the streets. We had a little boogie to the brass band, just like the locals! 

Tonight we are off out to explore some local sights on a tour organised as part of our course. We will post some pictures of that when we get back. 

Señor Brierley and Señorita Rodriguez have amazed us with their fluent Spanish speaking during our trip so far and have reminded us how important it is to be able to speak a second language.