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Launching our Wellbeing Project!

This week in assemblies I have launched our wellbeing project with the children. The importance of children’s wellbeing and happiness is unquestionably linked to their achievements at school and as such it is of the highest priority for Crossdale and its staff.  Children’s mental health issues are becoming more and more prevalent in our ever-changing technological world and we want to ensure that we are committed to providing an education which develops children’s emotional intelligence and resilience.   A recent National survey reported that 56% of school children say that they ‘worry all the time’ about something at school so our first focus has been on worries – talking about our worries and learning practical strategies to deal with them. The assemblies will be followed up in classes in further detail but for now the message to children has been that ‘happiness’ is the most important thing that we want for the children at Crossdale and that we’ll be learning strategies to manage worries that get in the way of this. Please see attached document below!

In addition to this, the school has also been awarded funding in the form of an EU ERAMSUS grant which will allow us to provide training for staff on techniques to help promote and maintain pupil and staff wellbeing. This training is internationally accredited and will benefit this project hugely. As the course is run in Spain, it also enables opportunities to establish international links with classes across Europe and promote global awareness.  We are all very excited about working on this project together and the outcomes for the children that it will bring! 

Further updates will appear here!

Mrs Westie