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Toplink Fun!

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Hello all,

What a wonderful morning the children have had at the Toplink Festival!

Thank you as always to all the parent helpers in attendance. We can't do these kinds of days out without your support, so it is always very much appreciated.

Crossdale made us proud once again this year at Southwold's fun and inclusive sports event. We have also been made aware that many of the children in class are extra-tired this week due to very busy bank holiday weekends, so to see them still be such wonderful Team Workers, with bags of resilience, is astonishing!
I hope they get a lovely and well-deserved rest before our residential tomorrow!

 Attached are a few pictures from the sunny trip and below is the ranking of the friendly competition that took place at the Festival. Each country team represented a mix of KS2 pupils, so if they are curious about how their scores totted up, please share the chart with your child. :)

Kind regards,
Mrs. Rodriguez & Mr. Dring


1st = Greece

2nd = USA

3rd = Germany

4th = England

5th = Nigeria

6th = Jamaica

7th = France

8th = Italy

9th = Spain

10th = Australia