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Summer 1 - key Information

Details of our learning in this upcoming half-term

Hello all,

I hope you have had a wonderful Easter break!

Attached are documents relating to our learning this term.

  • Curriculum Map for Summer 1
  • Science Knowledge Organiser (Big Idea: How do we classify things?)
  • History Knowledge Organiser ( Big Idea: Was the Viking & Anglo-Saxon period really a "Dark Age"?) 
  • Maths KIRFS
  • Spelling overview (first week's spelling quiz will be next Monday 22nd)
  • Topic-related activities to try at home including:
    • Bird counting - Linked to our science topic, this is a little science data collection activity which you could try out one weekend. It would be interesting to hear about the variety of birds visiting your garden!
    • Scandinavia factfile - Linked to our history topic, see what you can find out about the land the Vikings came from. Fill the sheet with facts about the geography, nature and present-day life in Scandinavia.
    • Viking Longship mindmap - What can you discover about the Viking's ingenious method of transport?


Looking forward to another fun 6 weeks with my Lovely Limes,
Mrs. R