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Homework set 9.2.24

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Hello all,

What a lovely term we have had! It has been a real pleasure to spend a full term with lovely Lime again - They settled back in to our regular routine wonderfully.

Here are a few homework tasks to keep their key skills in check:

- regular doodlemaths practice

- 2 doodle maths assignments

And here are a couple of half term projects to get them excited for Book Week and Science Week, which both take place next term:

- Bookshelf activity
decorate and write the names of books which tell us a bit about your life!
The first book your grown-ups read to you
The first book that made you love reading
Your favourite non-fiction book
Your favourite fiction book
You favourite book that had been turned into a film
A book linked to your favourite hobby
Your grown-ups favourite book from their childhood
The funniest book you have ever read
A book that inspired you to do something (e.g. draw the main character, learn a new skill) 

- Science activity
Create a factfile about one of the scientists after which our tables will be named next term (details on the sheet!)

The children should return home with the sheets for the projects, but incase they get lost, here are copies.

Have a good hald term,

Mrs. R