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Roamin' Romans!

2.2.24 History trip

Hello all,

Here are some pics from our trip to Rushcliffe Country Park, where we met Boudica and enlisted in the Roman army!

Lime Class were a real credit to Crossdale, walking around the grounds of the park respectfully and showing great listening skills to Boudica, our activity leader.

In the morning, we had chance to recap all of our amazing history knowledge about the Roman Invasion. So many of us had our hands up answering questions and sharing facts that Boudica was impressed! We then dressed as Roman Soldiers, to understand what it would have been like to use the technology of the time (armour and weapons), and marched in formation as well as practised our javelin skills.

In the afternoon, we then worked in teams to build catapults - even though we sometimes came across tricky instrcutions and made mistakes, both teams made catapults and everyone got a turn using their creation!

Thank you again to our parent helpers, and we hope you enjoy these photos of our beautiful history-themed day out.

Mrs. R