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K2L Day - Independent Enquirers!

A day with my curious Base 2 learners!

Hello all,

Thank you, Base Two for my wonderful day with you!

Whilst the Young Voices children were making us proud in Sheffield, the rest of Base 2 were showing me just how curious, just how careful and just how amazing they are too!

In Base 2, we first challenged ourselves to a music match! We got out the glockenspiels and tried to guess which tune was which from a big pack of our favourite nursery rhymes. We correctly guess many of them, and eventually guessed the rest with a process of elimination. I forgot to take pictures, but believe e when I say we all had a blast playing itsy bitsy spider!

In the afternoon, Mr. Johnson taught us some key dodgeball skills, and we swerved left and right, planning our defence and attack tactics. When we are independent Enquirers, it's all about the planning!

Finally, I got to show Base 2 what video games were like when I grew up - old arcade games gave the early video game designers big challenges like "How are we going to fit this cute Mario character into pixels 12 x 16?! Impossible? Nothing was impossible for our Base 2 game designers! They drew pixelated characters that would make a great game!


Thank you for a lovely day, base 2, here are some pics!

Mrs. Rodriguez