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Seaside Holidays

Our learning for the summer term launched with a bang last week! As we all dream of days by the sea, we will be bringing the seaside to the classroom and taking the children back in time by comparing seaside holidays now and then. 

The children have already been enjoying class stories set at the seaside as well as the Travel Agent role-play area and even made their own aeroplane seating last week (with almost every chair in the classroom :)) ready to fly to an exotic destination!

And, there is plenty more fun to have as we become historians and learn all about what were seaside holidays like long ago? 

For an overview of all the learning this term please see the Summer Curriculum Map below. 

We have also attached the knowledge organiser for this topic for your reference. This document captures the most important bits of knowledge we will teach the children, such as key vocabulary, enquiry questions and a timeline, and can be really useful to consolidate learning at home.

Thank you also for your seaside photos. They are up on display in the classroom and have been a source of great excitement and fabulous discussion.

Mrs Westie and Mrs Morgan