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CV-19 update

Although we do not routinely inform our school community  when a child has gone for a covid-19 test, we wanted to inform you that a child in Y1 went home today with potential covid-19 symptoms.  Y1 children may have picked up on this, so might ask  about it at home later.

The child has had a test booked and we will inform you as soon as we receive details of the test result. 

With increased testing and vigilance in the UK, many more school children are being tested for covid-19 when there are concerns about potential symptoms. Although few children have displayed potential systems whilst at Crossdale, many other children have had tests in recent months with the majority being negative. 

Parents should not be alarmed when a child at Crossdale has been for a test– being cautious and careful is the new ‘normal’ for all parts of society.

Please be assured that we are following all DfE, NHS and PHE advice.

CLICK HERE for more advice about covid-19