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25th May Reception Home learning Mat & writing task

Hello Lime Tree parent teachers!

Hope you are all getting on ok.

Please find attached our Home Learning Mat and writing task for week commencing 25th May.  This week's learning is around a tiny seed's journey to become a giant flower in this classic story ' The Tiny Seed ' by Eric Carle.  

There's an oline link here:

Once again, you may want to talk about who is the main character in the story? What is the setting for the story?  What is the problem? What was the solution?  

After reading the story, we'd like the children to have a go at writing the Super Sentence (we did these each week at school): One seed lands on the........sun/mud/grass.

There are some 'tricky tracker' words in this sentence (One, the) and  the 'ee' sound (as in seed) that not all of the children will have come across in their phonic sessions. 

There are lots of interesting activities linked to this story (see attached learning mat)  that you could do or even come up with your own.. 

If you have any questions or work to share please contact us at : 

We hope you enjoy this story and activities together!

Mrs Mellor and Mrs Ingle