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writing task

For this week's writing task we would like you to read/watch the wonderful story,  'The Great Balloon Hullabaloo' by Peter Bentley.  It's a tale of Simon the squirrel who goes shopping  in outer space in a hot air balloon.  If you don't have a copy of the story there is a link to an online one here: 

Once again, you may want to talk about who is the main character in the story? What is the setting for the story?  What was the problem? What was the solution?  

You could ask your child if they agree or disagree with the following statements:

You can get to the moon in a giant balloon. 

The moon is made of cheese.

Simon was kind to go shopping for his mum.

They might even show you some of the hand signals they use during our VIPERS sessions (agree, challenge or build on it).

Once you've had your lovely story time, we'd like the children to have a go at writing the Super Sentence (we did these each week at school): Pop to the shops.

There are some 'tricky tracker' words in this sentence (to, the), it would be great to see the children spelling these words correctly in their writing when they return to school.

We hope you enjoy this week's story.  If they do a really good job of their writing could they perhaps have a pizza treat for tea like Simon the squirrel....or even make their own!

Good luck!