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New topic

Transport is terrific!

This half term we’ll be thinking about the transport we’ve taken to go on holiday, we’ll use maps to consider where we’d like to visit next. What should we pack? We’ll draw and write about imaginary journeys and make predictions about how many vehicles we will find around school.  We’ll investigate floating and sinking by building miniature boats, and find out about friction by rolling cars down ramps. We’ll also talk about road safety, create our own passports and finish the topic by designing our own magnificent vehicles.

To help your child prepare, why not explore your local neighbourhood together and take photos of exciting vehicles? You could also keep a tally of the different types of transport that pass your front window within a certain time. Alternatively, pick some brochures up from a local travel agency – where would you both like to visit and how would you get there?

Please send any photos you take,  journeys you have been on,  or vehicles you have seen to:

so that your child can share them with the rest of the class.

To launch or topic children will be given the opportunity to make their own boats.  Any junk modelling (boxes, lids, tubes, pots, etc.) donations would be very much appreciated.

Thank you for your continued support.