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Phonics and Reading Assessment updates

Thank you for all the Reading Journey Books that have been handed into school. We have been busy updating all your child's assessment information following our half-termly assessments in phonics and reading. These will come back home with you towards the end of the week notifying you about the colour book your child is now reading and their phonics group and teacher. Children should be aware of their new reading colour and we have asked them to take these books home from now on. If that hasn't happened, please do pop in so that we have the right colours sorted for the Christmas holidays!

As always, please do pop in to talk to us about any aspect of reading or phonics that you're unsure of and we will be happy to help you with it.

Base 1 Team

PS we are still missing a few Reading Journey Books. If you have these at home, please drop them in to us so that we can tell you about the changes.