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Midweek update

The weather has not been wonderful but we have had a lovely calm start to each day this week. It's lovely to see the children being so independent and we are able to catch up with messages from the adults at the gate. We hope it's working well for you too. Here are a few updates about what we've been doing this week so far.

By the end of the week each child will have a Read at Home book to practise their reading at home alongside their swap book. Each child will have an individual read each week and then their books are swapped on a Friday. To begin with every child has 1 book but depending on the pace they learn to read this will be changed accordingly.

At some point your child will also bring home a Word Time sheet to practise blending sounds to read.

They wil also bring home a Tricky Tracker to help learn some  common sight words that can't be blended.

Every child learns at a different pace so please don't worry if your child has different sheets in their bag to their friend or is on a different colour book. We will keep you up to date regularly about your child's progress and how you can support them.

Please look out for the parents evening letter that will be coming home in book bags too.

There will be a small change to our days next week.  You will see Mrs Mellor on Monday and Thursday and Mrs Ingle on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.

Many thanks for your continued support, we really appreciate it.

Mrs Ingle and Mrs Mellor