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Other news!

In your child's book bag you will find.......

1. A new sound booklet for them to practise the sounds that we have been learning this week at school.  Once completed you can keep these booklets at home.

2. Your child's name card in the cursive handwriting style that we use at Crossdale.  We've popped a whiteboard pen in their bags to borrow while they practise writing their names. These pens can be used on the name card and then rubbed out (with a bit of effort) so that it is ready to use as many times as you like.   USEFUL TIP:  Remind your child that  all of the lower case letters start from the bottom with a slide up.

3. A class photo sheet for home use only.  We hope that this will help you and your child  get to know all the children in the class.


We have been delighted with the way the children have settled into school.  As we approach their fifth week we are finding that they are getting  tired.  In particular we feel that the busy classroom and long drop offs are becoming quite a challenge for many of the children.  In view of this, from Monday, we are going to ask  the children to line up at the gate before school, where Mrs Ingle or Mrs Mellor will come and collect them (without their grown ups) at 9am. We hope that this will create a calmer start to the day for everyone!

Have a lovely weekend!

The Reception team