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A breadtastic Bake Off!

Wowzers! What a fantastic day we have had in Base One! The children were all transported back in time to the year 1666 to the bakery of Thomas Farriner and were tasked with making rolls for King Charles II!

We spent the morning preparing; learning about how bread is made, tasting different breads from around the world and thinking about what we need to do to be hygienic when cooking.

Then, in the afternoon we were joined by lots of very helpful mums and dads to bake the rolls!!

They children were absolutely brilliant at weighing, mixing and kneading and the rolls are now out of the oven ready to eat tomorrow morning!

It was such a lovely day and I'd like to say another huge thank you to all the parent helpers. We really couldn't do enrichment activities like this without you and they really do make the topic come to life!

Many thanks

Mrs Westie and Mrs Jones :)