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Autumn 1 learning overview- spellings, curriculum map and knowledge organisers.

Please find attached our curriculum map which shows our learning in all subjects this half-term.

Our topic this half-term is called Fire Damp and Davy Lamps where we will descend into the depths of Britain’s coal mines and discover how coal miners brought the precious coal up to the surface that was needed to power industry! We’ll also find out about the many dangers of mining, the importance of coal during the Industrial Revolution, the process of the ‘no choice’ lottery and the miners’ strikes. We will also use maps to locate coal mines around the UK and in our local area.

Our science topic this half-term focuses on the changes that materials go through. We will look at dissolving, reversible and non-reversible changes, separating materials and grouping materials based on their properties. This topic will give children the opportunity to work scientifically by making predictions, recording results, writing conclusions and creating graphs.

Please also find attached the spelling overview for this half-term. Spellings will be taught and given out on a Monday and children will be tested on these the following Monday. 

More information about Year 5 will be shared at the base meeting in a couple of weeks time. 

Miss Spencer :)